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As a supplier of ARM platform development board technology solution, Shenzhen Graperain Technology Co., Ltd, also a specialized manufacturers of system on module and single board computer Manufacturers, dedicated to development, production and value-added service of software and hardware in embedded area when it was founded. Based on 32-bit ARM processor which is widely used in embedded industry, Graperain streamlined circuit design, control hardware cost strictly and combine operating systems like WinCE, Linux, ubuntu, Android to release excellent solutions for factories and R & D institutions.

Focused on Samsung embedded ARM development platform, with processors such as S3C2416, S3C2450, S3C6410, S3C6440, S5PC100, S5PC110, S5PV210, Exynos4412 etc., clients can customize professional solutions, including hardware platform design(Schematic and PCB design), operating system customization, driver and application software development etc.. Customized development boards are widely used in industry, finance, airport, customs, police, hospital, home smart, education, consumer electronics etc.

With rich experience in development board industry, technical strength, good internal management practices, professional engineers, global souring, procurement network, Graperain provides professional, excellent, fast pre-sales, after-sales service and technical support. Many mainland customers in China have been good partners with us. Customers can reply us on technology and the complete whole application solution. It can save a lot of time and cost when entering a new market to seize the business opportunity.

Mission: To help customers to be more successful, help employees progress.Business guideline: Customer’s requirement is power. Customer’s profit is center. Target: To create win-win business success.

  • 15year
    Development Experience
  • 2800+
  • 40%
    R & D Personnel
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Enterprise Culture
  • Client
    Customer satisfaction and success are the most important yardsticks to measure our work performance;
  • Worker
    Employees are the company's most important asset. The improvement of staff quality and professional knowledge level, welfare benefits and living standards are the concrete manifestation of the company's operating performance;
  • Train
    The greatest welfare for employees, the source of customer development.
  • Quality
    Product quality and service quality are the lifeline of the company's development;
  • Brand
    Brand is a mirror of the company's products and services.
  • Market
    Find and develop the most suitable market for us, and strive for the highest share
  • Management
    Management is the cornerstone of all business activities. High-tech, specialization, collectivization, internationalization
  • Product
    Continuous product innovation is the trajectory of the company's development;
  • Slogan
    Hard work, everything is possible...

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Fast Delivery

Acting as your logistics contractor, we can manage the supply of product to your EMS partners around the globe. Material is held in one of our fully insured, temperature & humidity-controlled warehouses in Hongkong or Shenzhen controlling freight costs & transportation time, under your part numbers and shipped to your EMS partners as needed.