Commercial Electronics Solution
Demand Background
As a new intelligent display terminal, the intelligent commercial display has been widely used in the information construction of various industries such as commerce, medical care, retail, education, finance, transportation, tourism, entertainment, advertising and media. As the entrance of human-computer interaction, commercial display will be closer to consumers' habits and experiences, and more and more innovative products will appear. We provide a variety of hardware and software platforms to support various specifications of LCD, peripherals and application scenarios to make innovative products for our customers.
Our Advantages
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Solution Features
Stable and Reliable, High Compatibility

Comprehensive design from device layout, components quality, wiring, interfaces and other aspects. Ensure high frequency performance to meet the requirements of PCIE, USB, HDMI and other high-speed interfaces, to give full play to the potential of the chip.

Rich Interface, Strong Expandability

Rich functional interfaces, integrating display, audio broadcast, peripheral control, human-machine interaction, information reading, network management, background data statistics and other functions. They are Android intelligent control boards built for visual interaction and intelligent control direction.

High Performance to Adapt to Various Scenes

Adopting high performance chip, it has strong video processing capability, compatible with most video formats and decoding ability. Integrated R45/WIFI/BT in one, can adapt to a variety of network environments, support the timer switch function.

Dual System Support

Android and Linux dual system can be supported. Customers can choose flexibly according to different application requirements.

Program Features