Consumer Electronics Solution
Demand Background

Based on the Internet, we upgrade the production, distribution and sales process of goods through big data, artificial intelligence and other advanced technology. To improve customer consumption experience and promote customers' continuous visit to the store to create lifetime value. In the new retail scenario, we provide a series of solutions such as commercial display, intelligent cashier, security monitoring, edge computing and industrial control.

Our Advantages
  • High-end Technology
  • R&D Team
  • Factory
  • One year Warranty
  • Office
  • ARM Solution Provider
  • After-sales Service
Solution Features
Stable and Reliable, High Compatibility

From device layout, device quality, wiring, interface and other aspects of comprehensive design, with efficient and compatible, stable performance, high-speed transmission and other performance characteristics.

Rich Interface, Strong Expandability

Rich functional interfaces, integrating display, audio broadcast, peripheral control, human-machine interaction, information reading, network management, background data statistics and other functions. They are Android intelligent control boards built for visual interaction and intelligent control direction.

Program Features
Customized Project
Customized Project
Customized Project