Industrial Control Solution
Demand Background
Intelligent and smart manufacturing enters the era of Industry 4.0, industrial control technology continues to innovate. The traditional control field is undergoing an unprecedented change and begins to develop in the direction of networking. Industrial control-related products or components are developing in the direction of intelligence and networking. We provide standardized hardware platform and system software for customers, and we can also provide in-depth customization for customers.
Our Advantages
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Solution Features
Stable and Reliable, High Compatibility

Comprehensive design from device layout, components quality, wiring, interfaces and other aspects. Ensure high frequency performance to meet the requirements of PCIE, USB, HDMI and other high-speed interfaces, to give full play to the potential of the chip.

Wide Temperature Range Components Design

The boards can support -40℃-80℃. Boards will be tested in extreme environment, uninterrupted and stable operation, not affected by the high and low temperature environment. Can adapt to the integration and expansion of equipment in complex working environments, applied to various scenarios of industrial control.

Long-term and Stable Supply

The chips have long life cycle. Life cycle at least 5~10 years.

Program Features
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