Compare Between SOM And Other Computer Systems
Sep 07.2022

Various new microprocessors, led by ARM, emerge in endlessly and are constantly applied, which makes embedded systems get unprecedented development in the PC era. With the passage of time and the continuous progress of technology, it continues to show its unique charm in industrial control, household appliances and other fields.

What is ARM?

● ARM is a very well-known microprocessor architecture in the industry, mainly for system and software engineers, providing solutions to many of their challenges.

● The complete ARM product line includes microcontroller, microprocessor, graphics processor, implementation software, unit library, embedded memory, high-speed connection products, peripherals and development tools.

What are the advantages of ARM processors?

● High performance, low power consumption and low price

● With a complete product line and development plan, processor performance requirements can be tailored according to the needs of different applications.

Application of ARM

● ARM technology is mainly used in four categories: mobile Internet access devices, home applications, business devices and embedded devices. According to ARM statistics, in the third quarter of 2010, the world shipped 1.5 billion products using ARM technology, and the company's overall revenue increased by nearly 30% compared with the same period of 2009. Among them, 62% of ARM chips are used in mobile Internet access devices, with embedded devices accounting for 19%, business devices accounting for 14%, and home applications accounting for 5%.

● It is estimated that the global cumulative shipment of ARM architecture integrated circuits will exceed 100 billion pieces by 2020. In the process of product development, ARM promotes a unified and compatible software platform, which is the fastest growing field in the future.

● In the field of enterprise business equipment, ARM defines enterprise applications as complete systems or subsystems that provide network connectivity and/or storage capabilities. This includes home and enterprise gateways, enterprise routers, Ethernet switches, wireless access points, base stations, multi service configuration platforms, hard drives, network attached storage, and solid state disks..

● In home applications, the popularity of digital technology needs to improve performance, power consumption and even security. ARM chips have become the standard configuration of smartphones and tablets worldwide. Other consumer electronic products, including digital cameras and multimedia players, use ARM architecture.

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