Development trend of development board
Sep 07.2022

Development board is one of the carriers of division and cooperation in semiconductor industry. It provides the manufacturers who develop products with basic underlying hardware, system and driver resources. Users can complete these underlying tasks without investing manpower and time. GRAPHAIN not only provides embedded hardware and software systems themselves, but also provides hardware development tools and software packages to support them. In this article, we will talk about the development trend of development boards.

1. Embedded development is a system engineering, which requires embedded system manufacturers not only to provide embedded software and hardware systems themselves, but also to provide strong hardware development tools and software package support. Many manufacturers have taken this into full consideration, and the development environment will also be the focus of promotion while promoting the system.

2. With the maturity of Internet technology and the continuous increase of bandwidth, the requirements of networking and informatization make the functions of devices with single functions, such as phones, mobile phones, refrigerators, microwave ovens, no longer simple, and their structures more complex. This requires chip designers to integrate more functions on the chip. In order to meet the upgrade of application functions, designers, on the one hand, use more powerful embedded processors such as 32-bit, 64 bit RISC chips or signal processor DSP to enhance processing capabilities, and at the same time, add functional interfaces.

3. Network interconnection has become an inevitable trend. In order to meet the requirements of network development, embedded devices in the future will definitely require hardware to provide multiple network communication interfaces. The traditional microcontroller does not support the network sufficiently. The new generation embedded processor has begun to embed the network interface. In addition to supporting TCP/IP protocol, it also supports IEEE1394, USB, CAN, Bluetooth or IrDA communication interfaces. In addition, corresponding communication networking protocol software and physical layer driver software should be provided.

4. Simplify the system kernel and algorithm, reduce power consumption and software and hardware costs. The future of embedded products is the close combination of hardware and software devices. In order to reduce power consumption and cost, designers need to simplify the system kernel as much as possible, retain only the system functions closely related to hardware and software, and use the lowest resources to achieve the most appropriate functions. This requires designers to select the best programming model and constantly improve the algorithm to optimize the performance of the compiler. Therefore, we need not only software talents with extensive hardware knowledge, but also advanced embedded software technologies such as Java, Web and WAP.

5. Provide friendly multimedia human-computer interface. The most important factor for embedded devices to be close to users is that they can provide a very friendly user interface. The image interface and flexible control mode make the embedded device feel like a familiar old friend. Handwritten text input, voice dial-up, e-mail, and colorful graphics and images will give users a sense of freedom. But the general embedded devices have a long way to go from this requirement.

6. For enterprise specific solutions, such as logistics management, barcode scanning, mobile information collection, etc., this small handheld embedded system will play a huge role. In the field of automatic control, it can not only be used for ATM machines, vending machines, industrial control and other special equipment, but also be combined with mobile communication equipment, GPS and entertainment. Embedded systems can also play a huge role.

Our development board supports Gigabit Ethernet. And the onboard LVDS interface, MIPI interface and PCIE interface. It also supports software power switch and sleep wake-up. It also supports Android 5.1, Linux+qt and Ubuntu operating systems. If you are looking for a solution, please contact us.