Suggestions on selection of embedded development board
Sep 07.2022

With the function and function of embedded development board as the starting point, the selection of embedded development board should be comprehensively considered from the following aspects. SOM supplier GRAPHAIN will show you.

Domestic and foreign design

The hardware design of the development board is basically copied from the reference design of semiconductor manufacturers, or it is completely considered by domestic manufacturers and product listing.

When engineers from foreign chip manufacturers make reference designs, they are used to using peripheral chips that are used more in their own countries. The reference design of semiconductor manufacturers has limited reference value for domestic manufacturers.

When selecting development boards, users must keep a keen eye on whether the development boards provided by suppliers are more suitable for their own product development and production, whether for the performance and function of the final products or for more convenient manufacturing and production in the later period.

Software support

Whether the software support of the development board is complete and whether it can support all hardware interfaces on all development boards.

The value of the development board is that it allows users to save investment in systems, drivers, etc., and focus on developing the upper software of differentiated products. If the development board provided by the supplier does not have the corresponding software driver support of the board level hardware interface, the user's development progress will be affected. When purchasing a development board, be sure to confirm whether all hardware interfaces have corresponding drivers, and whether the development board can be developed immediately after getting it.

Ruixin Micro PX30 Stamp Hole Development Board

Supplier capability

The embedded industry is a highly interactive industry between customer R&D and after-sales support. The technical support of suppliers sometimes becomes the key factor for users to market their products.

Whether a development board company can provide complete technical support is a measure of whether it is a professional development board company, whether it can play a role in the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, and whether it can create value for users.

In a word, when users purchase development boards, they are not choosing development boards, but partners who provide services for them.

Chip prototype

The prototype of embedded development board can be said to be the reference design provided by major chip manufacturers to users when they launch chips. Normally, when semiconductor manufacturers promote their own chips, the chips alone are not attractive to users. They must show users specific circuit boards, specific interfaces and give customers specific impressions to ensure the promotion effect; Semiconductor manufacturers provide these reference designs to provide users with a reference when designing, so as to speed up their product design and marketization process.


At the beginning of the 21st century, the popularity of ARM architecture in China has blown a blow to many people who want to start businesses based on their own embedded technology. The common feature of these companies is that their products are basically developed based on ARM processors or ARM tools of emulator type. We can provide users with development boards with different interface functions, provide services for electronic product manufacturers, and accelerate the listing of products of downstream manufacturers in the semiconductor industry chain.

As an ARM platform development technology solution provider, Graperain has been committed to the development, production and value-added services of software and hardware in the embedded field since its inception. Please contact us for your customized solution.