About Us


1. Free warranty in 6months

2. Free technology supports

3. Free upgrading software

4. Free source code provide

5. No price difference for purchasing CPU, IC and other components

6. Better discount in next orders

7. OEM/ODM service

No warranty

1. Past due 6months

2. No bar code and purchase document, such as invoice or payment bill

3. Wet, mildew , water, or corroding

4. Strike, squeezing, drop and hardware damage and breakdown by man

6. Failure and damage caused by irresistible natural factors


All products of Graperain Technology purchased directly through Graperain Technology or from a regular agency authorized by Graperain Technology can enjoy the following benefits:

1. 6 month free warranty service period

2. Lifetime free technical support service

3. Purchase free software upgrade service

4. Free access to the original software code of the purchased product and some original software codes developed by Grape Rain Technology

5. The main chip samples can be purchased directly from Graperain Technology, which is simple, convenient and fast; It eliminates long waiting periods when buying from an agency

6. From the date of purchase, you will become a permanent customer of Graperain Technology and enjoy the preferential policies for purchasing any software and hardware products of Graperain Technology again.

7. OEM/ODM service

No free warranty service will be provided if one of the following conditions occur