Compare Between SOM And Other Computer Systems
Sep 07.2022

Product introduction

This hospital bank call machine is a widely used PCBA customized by grape rain Technology for a company in Beijing. At present, the customer has successfully applied it to the hospital queuing management system, the guidance information release system, the doctor shift display system, the operation process publicity system, the hospital self-service system, the ward call system, the multimedia release system, the service hall queuing management system, and the voice quotation system, Window display and other application fields.

Product function

Second generation certificate authenticity verification and information reading fingerprint verification and collection QR code scanning identification and input information (optional) NFC card reading function (optional) wired Ethernet interface with the function of Android tablet computer, it can be used as a tablet computer at ordinary times. Industry application: various examinations: identification of ID cards such as Chinese high school entrance examination, college entrance examination and CET-4 and CET-6 in scenic spots and entertainment places: additional fees can be charged by scanning QR code public security police: outdoor information verification and inquiry are applicablelogistics mail: applicable to identity verification others: telecommunication system, education system and court system