G8909 System on Module
  • A7 architecture 4-core (4 * 1.1GHz (A7)) product size is small, facilitating customer integration and reducing product volume;
  • Support 4G LTE ultra-high speed Internet access, and the board is compatible with mobile/Unicom/Telecom 2G/3G/4G;
  • Support 2+32 memory, Micro SD support 32G;
  • Small size, high integration, flexible layout of large boards;
  • Support all Netcom, wifi, Bluetooth and GPS;
  • Support HD (1280 * 720)
  • Rich interfaces and strong scalability Sim card * 2/MicroSD card * 1/IIC * 4/serial port * 2/USB (OTG) * 1/3.5mm headset * 1/GPIO * 20/ADC * 2/PWM * 1
  • The first core board product of Qualcomm Snapdragon 8909;
  • Single side cloth plate can effectively reduce the product thickness;
  • The product quality is stable and reliable;
  • Improve development efficiency. Customer system architecture does not need to start from scratch;
  • Reduce the difficulty of development. Customers focus on the development of application solutions, and do not need to pay attention to wireless network solutions;
  • Enhance maintainability. Through the replacement of the core board, the product can be updated to avoid re mold opening and extend the product life cycle;
  • Introduction

    Qualcomm's MSM8909 core board has a 4-core A7 architecture with a main frequency of 1.1GHz. The core board carries Bluetooth, wifi, 4G, GPS and other functions. It does not need external modules, supports Micro SD, supports 32GB, and supports a screen resolution of 1280 * 720. It has rich interfaces and strong scalability.
  • Structural parameters

    1、Appearance: stamp hole

    2、Core plate size: 40mm * 60mm * 2.8mm [industry-leading]

    3、Process: 8-layer gilding process design, PCB made by Taiwan funded large factory [exclusive support]

  • System Configuration

    CPU: Qualcomm Snapdragon 210 series - MSM8909. Click to view the chip comparison parameters>>>Quad core Cortex-A7, with the main frequency of 1.1GHz. It is considered as a high-end ARM processor in recent years

    Memory: 1GB DDR3 standard configuration, 2GB customizable [1GB standard configuration, 2GB customizable]

    Storage: 8GB/16GB/32GB emmc optional, 8GB standard configuration [8GB standard configuration, 16GB/32GB customizable]

  • technical specifications

    Appearance type: PCBA

    External dimension: 40 * 56 * 2.8mm

    Hardware platform: Qualcomm Snapdragon 210 series MSM8909 4-core 1.1GHz, click to view chip comparison parameters>>>

    Network type/frequency band: accept customization

    Voice mode: CSFB

    Bearing rate: uplink 50Mbps, downlink 150Mbps

    Memory: 8GB (EMMC)+1GB (DDR3)

    Extended memory: support Micro SD, 32GB

    Screen: resolution: HVGA (320 * 480), WVGA (480 * 800), FWVGA (480 * 854), qHD (540 * 960), HD (1280 * 720), mipi interface by default, RGB interface supported by adding adapter chip on the board, touch screen: capacitive touch screen supported, resistive touch screen supported by IIC expansion [exclusive support]

    Main camera: support 800W AF MIPI interface, flash support [exclusive support]

    Auxiliary camera: support 500W FF MIPI interface

    Bluetooth: support, EDR2.1, BLE4.0

    GPS: Yes, but not Beidou

    WIFI: support, 2.4G, 802.11b/g/n, support WIFI client and WIFI hotspot

    FM: support, only support receiving, not support transmitting [exclusive support]

    Sensor: IIC extended support, gravity/distance/light sensor/geomagnetism/gyroscope [exclusive support]

    Interface expansion support: Sim card * 2/MicroSD card * 1/IIC * 4/serial port * 2/USB (OTG) * 1/3.5mm headset * 1/GPIO * 20/ADC * 2/PWM * 1

    Keys: support 4 physical keys, IIC extended keyboard IC, support full keyboard [exclusive support]

    Horn: support/external leading of horn

    Handset: support

    Mic: support dual MIC

    Motor: support

    Button battery: extended support

    Breathing lamp: IIC expansion support

    RFID: IIC extension support

    NFC: IIC extension support

    IO port outlet: more than 10

    Low power consumption state: less than 15mA

    USB extension HUB: software support, only including USB Hub driver, excluding debugging of connected devices on the Hub

    Charging: charging

  • other

    System support: Android 5.1, Android 8.1 and other systems

    Our service: 8909 core board module+hardware customization+software development+OEM/ODM

  • Scope of application

    Handheld terminal equipment, intelligent security equipment, mobile law enforcement terminal, mobile bill printing

    Industrial tablet computer, tachograph, mobile data acquisition terminal

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