G4418 Single Board Computer
  • CPU: Samsung S5P4418, ARM Cortex-A9 quad core
  • Frequency: 1.4GHz * 4
  • Memory: 1GB DDR3, 2GB DDR3 can be customized
  • Flash: 4GB/8GB/16GB/32GB eMMC optional, 8GB emmc standard
  • 24 bit RGB interface
  • 8-bit LVDS interface
  • VGA interface
  • MIPI DSI interface
  • 2-channel USB HOST interface supports the simultaneous use of more USB devices
  • USB OTG interface
  • 2-channel TTL level UART interface
  • 2-channel TF card interface
  • 2-channel LED indication
  • Reset button
  • Software on/off button
  • Standard external loudspeaker
  • Support MIC input
  • Support headphone output interface
  • Support the design of startup free configuration switch
  • Support stepless adjustment of backlight
  • Support HDMI interface
  • Support 5-point capacitive touch
  • On board USB interface WiFi / Bluetooth two in one module
  • Support expansion of various SPI, I2C, UART and other peripheral devices
  • Support MPEG4, H.263, H 264, MJPEG video coding
  • Support almost full format video decoding
  • Support 2D and 3D high-performance graphics acceleration
  • Support RTC clock real-time saving
  • Support gigabit wired Ethernet RTL8211E
  • Support BT656/BT601/MIPI camera interface
  • Support GPS interface
  • Support GPRS interface
  • Support external USB 3G module
  • Support USB mouse and keyboard
  • Support infrared integrated receiver
  • Introduction

    The G4418 single board computer is almost one third of the G4418 development board size, but with better performance than the G4418 development board. It nearly covers all the peripheral functions of the development board, as well as onboard VGA, USB WIFI/BT two in one module, etc.
    Software: G4418 SBC is completely compatible with G4418 development board, it’s unnecessary to make any modification.
    Hardware: G4418 is completely compatible with G6818, it’s only needed to change the SoC to upgrade A9 Quad Core to A53 Octa Core. It's convenient for clients to upgrade their products.
  • Hardware Interfaces

    【1】CPU:S5P4418,ARM Cortex A9,4*1.4GHz

    【2】 Memory: DDR3,1GB, 2GB compatible [1GB standard configuration, 2GB optional]

    【3】 Memory: 8GB, EMMC [8GB standard configuration, 4GB/16GB optional]

    【4】 PMU: power management chip, AXP228

    【5】 LVDS interface

    【6】 MIPI interface: LCD with MIPI interface

    【7】 RGB interface: RGB output interface

    【8】 VGA interface: SDA7123 VGA interface

    【9】 USB HOST: 2 USB HOST

    【10】 Gigabit Ethernet interface: RJ45, Gigabit Ethernet interface

    【11】 Headphone interface: headphone output

    【12】 5V input jack: DC power input port

    【13】 Battery interface: single 4.2V lithium battery interface

    【14】 Speaker interface: external speaker output

    【15】 USB OTG: USB OTG interface

    【16】 UART0: serial port 0, debugging serial port

    【17】 HDMI interface: HDMI output interface

    【18】 Extension GPIO: UART, SPI, I2C, ADC extension

    【19】 Hard reset button: hard reset

    【20】 TF card, SD0: TF card, using channel 0

    【21】 TF card, SD1: TF card, using channel 1

    【22】 key, user-defined: independent key, defined as MENU

    【23】key, user-defined: independent key, defined as Return

    【24】 Soft switch on/off button: switch on/off, sleep wake-up button

    【25】 Integrated infrared receiver: HS0038B, infrared receiver

    【26】 Gigabit Ethernet PHY: RT8211E

    【27】 RTC: RTC backup battery

    【28】 WiFi Bluetooth: rt8723bu, WiFi, Bluetooth two in one module

    【29】 UART2: Serial port 2, ttl level

    【30】 Camera interface: BT601, BT656 camera interface

  • Other

    System support: Android, Linux, Ubuntu and other systems

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