G6818 Development Board
  • CPU: Samsung S5P6818, ARM Cortex-A53 octa core
  • Frequency: 1.4GHz+* 8
  • Memory: 1GB DDR3, 2GB DDR3 can be customized
  • Flash: 4GB/8GB/16GB emmc optional, 8GB eMMC standard
  • 24 bit RGB interface
  • 8-bit LVDS interface
  • 3-channel USB HOST interface supports the simultaneous use of more USB devices
  • USB OTG interface
  • One channel RS232 interface
  • 2-channel TTL interface
  • 2-channel TF card interface
  • Four channel LED indication
  • Reset button
  • Software on/off button
  • Standard external loudspeaker
  • Support MIC input
  • Support headphone output interface
  • Support the design of startup free configuration switch
  • Support stepless adjustment of backlight
  • Support HDMI interface
  • Support 5-point capacitive touch
  • Support USB interface WIFI
  • Support USB interface Bluetooth support G-sensor
  • Support expansion of various SPI, I2C, UART and other peripheral devices
  • Support MPEG4, H.263, H 264, MJPEG video coding
  • Support almost full format video decoding
  • Support 2D and 3D high-performance graphics acceleration
  • Support RTC clock real-time saving
  • Support gigabit wired Ethernet RTL8211E
  • Support BT656/BT601/MIPI camera interface
  • Support GPS interface
  • Support GPRS interface
  • Support external USB 3G module
  • Support PCIE 3G/4G
  • Support USB mouse and keyboard
  • Support infrared integrated receiver
  • Introduction

    G6818 development board contains of stamp hole system on module, carrier board and LCD board. The system on module uses 8-layer process design, and is stable, which could be used in tablet pc, car machine, learning machine, POS machine, game machine, industry monitoring and many other fields. The CPU uses ARM Cortex-A53 octa-core S5P6818, the highest main frequency is 1.4G+Hz. The carrier board reserves rich peripherals, can debug almost all the features of the 6818. It supports Gigabit Ethernet, collect LVDS interface, MIPI interfaces, PCIE interface onboard, supports software power switch and dormancy awake. 7 inch TFT LCD screen is taken as the default LCD display, while 4.3 inch and 5 inch can also be the optional choices. It also supports backlight brightness control. The G6818 system on module could be used in MID, POS, PDA, PND, smart home, phone, learning machine, game machine and other kinds of industrial control filed.
    G6818 SoM size:52mm*52mm
    G6818 carrier board size: 185mm*110mm

  • LCD Display

    1. LCD Display: 7-inch capacitive touch screen

    2. Resolution: 1024 * 600

  • G6818 System on Module Parameters

    Appearance: stamp hole

    Size: 52mm * 52mm * 3mm

    Pin pitch: 1.1mm

    Pin pad size: 1.3mm * 0.7mm

    Number of pins: 184 PIN, which can meet various expansion requirements of users

    Process: 8-layer

    CPU: S5P6818, octa core Cortex-A53, 1.4GHz+

    Memory: Single channel DDR3 design, 1GB standard configuration, 2GB customizable

    Flash: 4GB/8GB/16GB/32GB eMMC optional, 8GB standard configuration

    Power IC: use AXP228, support dynamic frequency modulation, coulometer, etc.

    Ethernet: RTL8211E Gigabit Ethernet PHY

  • Hardware Interfaces

    【1】CPU:S5P6818, ARM Cortex A53, 8*1.4GHz+

    【2】 Memory: DDR3, 1G[1GB standard configuration, 2GB customizable]

    【3】 Flash: eMMC, 8G [8GB standard configuration, 4GB/16GB customizable]

    【4】 PMU: power management chip, AXP228

    【5】 Extended IO

    【6】 Ethernet: Ethernet PHY, RTL8211E

    【7】 RTC: RTC backup battery slot

    【8】 Headset: recording input

    【9】 Speaker interface: external speaker output

    【10】 UART3: Serial port 3

    【11】 UART1: Serial port 1

    【12】 UART0: serial port 0, debugging serial port

    【13】 HDMI: HDMI output interface

    【14】 DSI MIPI: MIPI display interface

    【15】 LVDS: LVDS display interface

    【16】 RGB LCD/VGA: RGB output interface

    【17】 SIM card slot 3G/4G: SIM card slot

    【18】 SD card, CH0: SD card, channel 0

    【19】 SD card, CH1: SD card, channel 1

    【20】 Soft switch on/off button: switch on/off, sleep wake-up button

    【21】 key, return: independent key, K1

    【22】 Key, Volume -: Independent key, K2

    【23】 key, volume+: independent key, K3

    【24】key, menu: independent key, K4

    【25】 Buzzer: support active buzzer

    【26】 Hard reset button: hard reset holding

    【27】 Battery interface: single 4.2V lithium battery interface

    【28】 5V input jack: DC power input port

    【29】USB OTG: USB OTG interface

    【30】 USB HOST1: HUB chip expansion, HOST

    【31】 USB HOST2: HUB chip expansion, HOST

    【32】 USB HOST3: HUB chip expansion, HOST

    【33】 Gigabit Ethernet interface: RTL8211E interface

    【34】SPI interface: SPI interface

    【35】 LED lamp: power indicator lamp and 4-way LED lamp

    【36】 GPS antenna: GPS module antenna

    【37】 DVP camera: parallel camera interface

    【38】 CSI camera: Mipi camera interface

    【39】 Headphone: headphone output

    【40】 GPS module: GPS module

    【41】3G/4G PCIE interface slot: it can be connected to 3G/4G PCIE module

    【42】 Infrared interface head: HS0038 infrared integrated receiver head

    【43】 G-sensor: gravity sensor mma8653

  • Other

    System support: Android, Linux, Ubuntu and other systems

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